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Program Overview

PROBLEM: With over 10 years in the making, we saw an opportunity that some entrepreneurs and investors simply overlook. The connectivity between entrepreneurs, investors and strategic growth partners was broken. We fixed it.

APPROACH: At Venture Connects, we offer an accelerated process connecting great companies, investors, and strategic growth partners.

SOLUTION: We work with early & emerging growth companies looking for help getting to the next level through capital, resource allocations or potential partners.

ACTION: It has to be a mutual fit. So please take some time to learn more about our program, process and qualifications here.

Here’s to your success!

Who Should Apply

Company qualifications are affected by a variety of aspects. We determine your readiness through a brief initial application form and later with a more detailed pre-due diligence form. Your answers help us to determine

  1. Is this company viable and scalable
  2. Would we invest in it?
  3. Do we think our investors will be interested in investing?


What do we look for in your answers?

  1. What stage of revenue generation are you in? While we do accept pre-revenue companies, other attractive factors must exist to overcome the lack of revenue
  2. What risks exist? Risk is a huge factor. Is your management team sufficient to mitigate risk? Is there significant competitive risk? Do you have IP protection? Are you incorporated? Are your finances well managed?
  3. Does the founder take advice? Are you able to accept criticism, respond to it and improve? What is the experience of the founder? Other ventures that succeeded or failed or very new?
  4. Is the pricing structure viable? Do we see this as scalable and capable of generating acceptable profit levels for investors?
  5. What is the market size? How many competitors occupy the space? How unique is the offering? Are there cheaper faster substitutes or can this be copied quickly?
  6. How much bootstrapping have you done? How resourceful are you at getting this done? Are you persistent? Do you have a clear vision?
  7. Are you a real company, legally registered? Are you managing your accounts appropriately? Is the company bank account separate from your personal account?
  8. Is your ask in our range? We support 500K-3million.


Service Offering   Basic Intermediate Advanced

Pitch deck

Professionally designed by business start up experts and graphic artists

x x x

One pager

Professionally designed by business start up experts and graphic artists

x x x

Story telling

Professional coaching on voice, branding and phrasing

x x x

Educational workshops + webinars

A variety of educational events and webinars about start up funding from basic to advanced topics

x x x

VC due diligence

A deep dive into your company processes, plans, finances to verify your company integrity and viability

  x x

Mock pitch session

A practice pitch session with other start ups, followed by critique and feedback by startup participants and professional coaches

  x x

Professionally recorded pitch video

Your practiced pitch and professional pitch deck combined in one unique video showing you speaking beside your deck

  x x

Demo Day

An event with 40-50 investors in the audience viewing your practiced pitch and your professional pitch deck presentation

  x x

Program partners + perks

Our partners provide advice, mentoring and guidance, some free some at affordable prices

  x x

Email publications + highlights

Our emails to our partners and investor network highlights your company description and links to your pitch video and data room documents

  x x

Online access to VC directory

Get 1 year access free of charge to online portal

  x x

All event(s) access

We host a variety of events: investor only evenings, networking events, workshops that you and your team can attend


Negotiation review for investor talks

After the demo, what's next? How do you manage the negotiations to closure?


Strategic planning

Is your strategic plan demonstrating a vision of growth and revenue management that is clear, concise, focused and scalable? We provide analysis and support for a plan that demonstrates an understanding of investors requirements for returns.


Scalability review

Is your company pricing and structure scalable? Some revisions to pricing structures, process or programs may be better than others. We help you think through these issues


Financial analysis + proforma development

Do you have a proforma that is reasonable, clear and focused? We provide coaching and development of proformas that look realistic for investor discussions and valuation processes


FUND Conference exhibitor

Exhibit at FUND and meet hundreds of investors in one day.


Advanced Due Diligence

Foundation check for Rule 605 Regulation D. Bad Actor checks. KYC Reporting.


Tailored investor lists

Can't attend FUND but need help sorting out which investor groups to apply to? We provide lists of 5-10 investors that we suggest could be good to apply to for your company based on our database of investor criteria for their interests.


Program Fees

  $6,000 $12,000$20,000

*Inquire for payment options & potential deviations

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