Social Media Marketing in Today’s World

I am grateful to be a part of the #MsTech private Facebook group created to be a resource for both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. This group does a phenomenal job in together helping business women do tech and tech women do business. While trolling my social media accounts last week, I came across this question presented in the MsTech group:

I am out of touch with the “hot” social media platforms — what would you say are the go-to’s these days?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is about the extent of my social media sphere.

Vine is dead, right?
Are we still snap chatting?
Whats App’ing?

The answers provided were astounding. Particularly this well laid out and on point response provided by Shaliy Hakimian. With her approval, I encourage you to read Shaliy’s thoughts on today’s social media platforms and how they might assist your company’s social media marketing efforts.

The go-to social media apps today are all about where your audience is, how excited you are about the platform, how it showcases your best skills online, and engagement with the community.

For example, I have a friend who is working on a Ph.D. and writes a ton. The platform that he has a lot of traction on is Quora. He writes long responses to people’s questions based on his area of expertise. Now this same guy also takes pictures of his food and posts it on Instagram. He is excited about it which keeps him going. Now what is really crazy about him is that he has built tons of relationships and friendships online. He has a wide network of friends he has met as a direct result of these platforms and a few others. His relationships and engagements with these communities and the values he has given them made it possible for him to actually create a sort of phone-a-thon to raise money for someone in the community to get a laptop. He is the fabric of that community.

I would say where do you find yourself getting excited? If you like to write, medium is an interesting way to share your writings with folks.

I love using Periscope because it highlights my skills in talking to people and responding on the fly. I shine when I react to something someone asks. I would say Facebook live has the perks of more organic reach then sharing articles alone. If you have something packaged nicely in video form on FB live, you could gain some ongoing traction on that video over time.

Another social media idea is chat rooms like those in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger where you can share stuff quickly and have an ongoing conversation with a group of people. I use this to share jobs. My dad uses it for business and he posts funny videos and pictures to keep people engaged. All his groups are based on the relationships he has with every person there. I believe you have things parallel to this already.

Questions to ask yourself: What places online do you find yourself most hanging out on when you are online? Imagine if every website was like a bar, which bar would you go to? That is where you want to throw the party. That is where you want to have fun.

I know it’s not exactly a list of platforms but ideas to ponder on. Sometimes it’s getting more out of the platforms you are already using.

Other Platforms:

Youtube – Publish clips of your events? Different talks? – I used this to make funny short music videos. Lots of kiddos on there but had a nice pop in the recent years.
LinkedIn – I don’t see a ton of people posting there. Because lots of people don’t post regularly on there, it could make you stand out more.
Slack – I have heard of different people creating slack communities. I have joined a few. Its interesting but not sure.
Facebook groups – The minute I see something relevant for a very specific audience, I share it. It builds credibility with that audience. The more targeted, the better.

Good luck and have fun!

I too wish you all luck (and fun!) in the social media marketing world.

Thank you to @Hakimian45 for allowing me to share your thoughts on social media with our Venture Connects community. If you are interested in having your thoughts surrounding small business, startup ventures, and/or investments published on our blog site, I encourage you to reach out to me at Now go get busy tweeting, chatting, and slacking.

Written by Jessica Powell

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