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Negative Interest Rates: The New Not-so Normal

Published on August 10, 2016

The new “normal”: is it truly or is there a nefarious situation brewing in the…

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20 Minutes Is All Anyone Should Have

Published on August 8, 2016

I talk to entrepreneurs every single day. Those that know me well, know Venture Connects…

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Startup Ecosystem Buzzwords

Buzz Out of the Startup Ecosystem

Published on August 2, 2016

If you consider yourself even remotely affiliated with the start-up world, then you have heard…

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Top Entrepreneurs of the Midwest Suggest These 4 Tips in Hiring Top Talent

Published on July 26, 2016

Let’s take a minute to pretend you’re an entrepreneur. Imagine 4 to 12 grueling months…

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Meet the Midwest’s Breakout Entrepreneurs

Published on July 19, 2016

This is the first feature of a three-part story that digs deep into the breakout…

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Index Fund

$10 Million VC FUND launched by M25 Group

Published on July 5, 2016

Imagine you’re a lifelong entrepreneur working in the corporate world. By traditional measures your life…

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Think Chicago is where the best business startups are headquartered?

Published on June 10, 2016

Our network of accredited investors often say that they are seeking A+ founders over A+…

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Chris Sacca, Chicago Investors, and Chicago Business Start Ups

Published on May 10, 2016

Chicago is the Midwest’s entrepreneurial mecca. John Hall described the Midwest’s fascination with startups perfectly…

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Chicago Investor, No Actually Midwest VC Investor

Published on April 26, 2016

Coming in at 6 feet 4 inches, and running a venture capital blog VC With…

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Trader, World Traveler, Gringo Shaman, Super Angel

Published on March 25, 2016

It’s been roughly one year since I first approached Alan Matthew at a VCAccess event….

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